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Club Penguin has added a bunch of new servers to the game, so hopefully we don't have to deal with full ones any time soon.

Here are the names of some of the servers:

  • Dry Ice
  • Snow Covered
  • Patagonia
  • Glacial
  • Sasquatch

Also, yesterday was the last day to vote for the new club penguin color. I wonder what the results were because I can't wait to see the new color. I just really hope it wasn't Aqua. Aqua is really lame.

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Hey everyone, be sure to head over to the Forest in Club Penguin and vote for the new penguin color. The three colors available are Aqua, Maroon, and Lavender. I personally voted for Maroon, but I think Aqua will end up winning. Leave a comment telling me what color you voted for.

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A lot of cool stuff in Club Penguin happened last week, so here is a review of everything that went on.

First, Music Jam 2009 kicked off and a great time was had by all. If you missed them, here is a link to all the Music Jam Club Penguin cheats so you don't miss out on any of the cool items.

Second, a little while back I wrote a guide on finding club penguin pins so be sure to check that out. It gives you a lot of great tips that you can use to find new pins before anyone else in Club Penguin.

Finally, head on over to my Free Club Penguin Membership guide, so you can learn how to become a member for free. By being a member you won't miss out on any of the cool items that are exclusive to members. Have fun, and waddle on.

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Club Penguin Music Jam 2009 has finally started and I have all the cheats for you.

First, head to the Dock and enter the Backstage area. You must be a member with an All Access Pass to enter the backstage VIP area. Once there, click on the instruments for sale box.
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Club Penguin is letting you decide what T-Shirt appears in the Club Penguin August Style Catalog. Head on over to the official Club Penguin blog and choose which t-shirt you believe should be featured. Here are pictures of the t-shirts.
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What are Club Penguin Pins, and how do you get them? Club Penguin Pins are a free accessory obtained simply by finding them in the game. This is not always easy, as they are hidden throughout the game. They are displayed on a player’s penguin card and are collectible, and many players look to get all of them.

While other items such as clothing and igloo accessories are purchased with “coins” that each player wins playing games, pins are a free offering and finding and getting all of them is a common desire among players.

The Pins are all images of familiar objects, such as a beach ball, pizza slice, the sun, a butterfly, tent, vinyl record, and a rowboat. Many fan sites on the internet give clues, or cheats, on where to find the hidden pins. It is a challenge to find them, so players enjoy wearing them once they find them.

Sometimes the pin visually and thematically goes with its location. For example the vinyl record is in the nightclub, the anchor is in the cove, and the spider is in the cave. Others are not so direct. For example the jellyfish can be found in the ski lodge, the starfish is in the mine, and the shrimp is in the dance lounge.

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Club Penguin members know the different between being a member and a non-member, and a big part of the difference is being able to purchase clothes and furniture and other items for your igloo. What about the harder to find items that aren’t seen in the catalog? Where do all the Club Penguins find these hard to find items?
Club Penguin gives each player coins when they play and win at games. These winnings translate into coins. Money won playing games can be used to purchase everything from clothing, costumes and wigs for parties and events, pets and pet accessories, and of course, igloos. Penguins live in igloos, and members are able to customize their living experience. You can upgrade to a larger igloo, or make improvements to the one you live in. You can even customize the furniture you have in your igloo.
Club Penguin has a large membership and many players have started their own websites dedicated to Club Penguin. Many publish cheats, including cheats on how to find hidden items for your igloo can be found. In the catalogs which get published monthly, items are sold but some are hidden such as Disco Balls, Wheelbarrows, Aquariums, Ice tables, and many others.

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