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Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt Cheats:

Treat 1

  • Go to the Ski Village
  • Then, head into the Ski Lodge and walk upstairs
  • Click the pumpkin in between the 2 sofas

Treat 2

  • Go to the Dock
  • Click the big pumpkin in the upper right corner

Treat 3

  • Go to the Pet shop
  • Click the Chandelier above the bookcase

Treat 4

  • Go to the Cove
  • Click the purple book the ghost is reading

Treat 5

  • Go to the Pool
  • Click the Jack-O-Lantern on the ceiling

Treat 6

  • Go to the Soccer Pitch
  • You will find this piece in the lights in the bottom right side of the field

Treat 7

  • Go to the Forest
  • Click the bushes that shake in the background

Treat 8

  • Go to the Mine
  • You will find it in the slime pit

Once you have finished you can claim your Jack-O-Lanterns background. Thanks for reading club penguin cheats.

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There is a new club penguin pin cheat and I am happy to bring it to you. Here is how to find the new pin:

  • Head to the Ski Village
  • Once there, enter the Ski Lodge
  • Inside, click the ladder and head upstairs.
  • In the lower left corner, on top of the box you will see the Football Pin
  • Click it to add it to your inventory

The last club penguin pin was the padlock pin.

New Club Penguin Football Pin Cheat

New Club Penguin Football Pin Cheat

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Club Penguin will be hosting 2 parties in the coming weeks.

First, on October 24th, 2009 the Club Penguin 4th Anniversary party will be taking place. There will be a lot of stuff going on in the Coffee Shop like cake, new yearbook, new hat colors, and of course partying.

Second, beginning October 27th, 2009 will be the Club Penguin Halloween Party. During the party will be a new scavenger hunt and members will have special access to a spooky room. If you aren't a member, then be sure to check out my Club Penguin Free Membership tutorial.

Here is a sneak peek of the spooky room:

Spooky Room Sneak Peek

Spooky Room Sneak Peek

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The new club penguin Halloween Costumes (October 2009 penguin style catalog) cheats are here.

Black Cape

  • Go to page 2
  • Click on the tiny mushroom

Ghost Costume

  • Stay on page 2
  • Click the light on the top of the right page

Black Superhero Mask

  • Go to page 3
  • Click the wizard penguin's foot

Black Bowtie

  • Go to page 4
  • Click the computer mouse

Red Viking Helmet

  • Go to page 9
  • Click the inside of the piano

Blue Viking Helmet

  • Click on and off the Red Viking Helmet 4 times

Hope you find these club penguin cheats helpful

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