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Club Penguin Friend has informed us that Jet Pack Guy has just sent his latest EPF message!

Apparently Jet Pack Guy said that he has found some suspicious device in the Cave. When contacted the other agents have said that they found something too.

To see this message go to the Spyphone as it should be flashing.

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A new Medieval pin is available in the Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011. The Brazier Pin is there for you to collect. But you need to find it first! To collect your Medieval pin you need to go to the boiler room. Start by going into the knightclub. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello Club Penguins! What is Herbert talking about?

His latest EDF Spyphone message just confuses me. We’ve tried to work with Herbert last week based on Agent ”G”s recommendation so that we could destroy the Ultimate Protobot and now Herbert is calling us names. He must have a short memory of who his friends are to keep calling us “Elite Penguin Fools” and calling Jet Pack Guy “Jet Pack George”.

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Attention little Penguins. Club penguin has released EPF Field Ops Mission 45!

To start playing the field-op go to the EPF Command Room and click on the field-ops screen. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello Club Penguins! Herbert's Spyphone message was caught by Tigerman55 today from our very own Club Penguin Cheats Forum. It seems that Herbert was referring to yesterday’s Club Penguin Field Ops, where many of us have found and destroyed the Ultimate Protobot! We hope that this isn't just a trick!

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