Clothing Catalog Cheats

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  1. saul88888 says:

    i need sneakers and black and white shoes

  2. sophie says:

    how to buy clothes without being a member

  3. jj says:

    cheats to unlock items that have not been used

  4. jj says:

    or six or seven cheat codes have not been used

  5. seren22274 says:

    i need help to get im a member but i have to work hard to get coins for the things is there a cheat for that ?

  6. hannahm212 says:

    i need money codes so i can buy things like that plz plz plz help me and then i will tell you how to tip the ice berg

  7. k rod 23 says:

    I want a free membership and that sucks

  8. Jaime-lea23 says:

    i need a wig

  9. jaime-lea23 says:

    the wigs r in the catolog in the town and then theres a shop called gift shop ok got it now try man

  10. pinkyroo2001 says:

    the wigs are in the gift shop and the gift shop is in town on the right the last shop on the right
    plz bevelie me i got loads of wigs

  11. darkness5117 says:

    my penguin is 2304 days old

  12. angileena2 says:

    i need a dress and a bag

  13. jeanine09 says:

    give memoney and i can show were rockhopper is most of the time

  14. memphis says:

    i just need clothes gosh dangit

  15. rockhopper says:

    im rockhopper

  16. rockhopper says:

    but i cannot tell you how

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