Hello Club Penguins! Have you seen the new Commander’s Suit set? Looks pretty cool right? You might be wandering how to get the coat then. Well, here’s the new cheat to obtain the super-cool Commander’s Coat!
In order to get the free Commander’s Coat, you must be a member of Club Penguins. It is a member-only item though so it may not be available for everyone. For the non-members, just follow these simple steps to get that cool new coat!
Go to the mine shack by opening your map and clicking the Mines. When you reach the mine shack, move to the upper right part of the map that heads to the Hidden Lake. Look for the “For Sale” sign at the upper-right part of the map. Buy the Crab suit for 50 coins and wear it. You have to make sure that the Crab suit is the only thing your Penguin wears.

A game will pop up. You can easily win this game by standing on one mat only and wait. Once you win automatically, you will get the new Commander’s Coat

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