The April-May 2010 Better Igloos Catalog is here and I have all the Club Penguin furniture catalog cheats below.

April May 2010 Furniture Catalog Cheats

Green Deck Chair

  • Page 1
  • Click the middle shelf of the Burgundy Bookshelf

Recycle Bin

  • Page 1
  • Click the rod that is holding up the Burgundy Curtains

Green Bookcase

  • Page 1
  • Click the lampshade of the Burgundy Lamp


  • Page 2
  • Click on the Green Vase

Clover Balloon

  • Page 2
  • Click the Tree Stump

Clover Garland

  • Page 3
  • Click the bottom stone on the Wishing Well

Blue Lamp

  • Page 4
  • Click the Mailbox

Bamboo Hut

  • Open the Igloo Upgrades Catalog
  • Flip to the page with the Green Clover Igloo
  • Click the grass outside of the Green Clover Igloo

Also, to find the Frog Pin be sure to check out our Club Penguin Pin Tracker.

14 Responses to “Club Penguin April-May 2010 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Cheats”
  1. slapshotpen says:

    can ppl please join the PDN army! we are in need of soldiers!

  2. ACP Soldier says:

    Have you ever heard of the ACP?

    The ACP stands for Army of Club Penguin. The ACP was formed September 29, 2006, on the Miniclip Forums by Oagalthorp. We were the biggest army there, and then we moved to a website. Now we are one of the strongest (If not the strongest) armies in Club Penguin. Our main allies are the Ice Warriors and Watex Warriors.

    Our major accomplishments were winning Club Penguin WWII and WWIII, allying many of the strongest armies, and becoming a very strong army, one of the only superpowers ever to enter Club Penguin. ACP’s current leader is Iasgae56, and in case you have not yet noticed, our color is green. We believe it to be our duty to protect Club Penguin from those who wish to harm it. Therefore, we need your help to make Club Penguin the best it can be. If you would like to join us, please visit our website and comment on the join page.

  3. Bobba139 says:

    thanks onl it wasnt to much help cuz we could get all them one day with out cheats only

  4. Philcollins1 says:

    Club penguin have been getting smarter and can spot someone tryin to cheat by a mile off!
    I am lucky but others…not so lucky
    Be careful in what you do and do it secretly!
    IT’LL GET YOU 25’000, 50’000 OR EVEN 100’000!

  5. Smiley22 says:

    I think this website is great. But are there any cheats on how to get member things without actually being a member?

    And I would love to join the ACP but I have never seen any soldiers online, especially not the leader. Please could you publish where you are going to be and at what times? Much Appreciated, Smiley :)

  6. Smiley22 says:

    Hey Everyone! How has your day been?? I am really bored, any suggestions of things to do?? Thanks, Smiley :)

  7. Smiley22 says:

    Oh and by the way, this information was very useful! It actually works and now my igloo looks amazing! Thanks, Smiley :)

  8. shafaiyaz says:

    please give free membership on clubpenguin

  9. chicken yo says:

    Now my igloo looks so much better!

  10. Ding999 says:

    @ACP Soldier I have heard of the ACP and I joined and its cool but i need times for meetings,war and training also if we are having parties please tell me the times and i need more information but what is the ACP colour green or black or any other colours?

  11. Darling says:

    Aunt Artic dose not awnser you on club penguin

  12. sunaad says:

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  13. Creepy cam says:

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  14. SEN4396 says:

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