Check out the 2010 club penguin cheats for Better Igloos January February Furniture Catalog. They have finally arrived.

Portal Box

  • Go to page 1
  • Click on the Stone Couch


  • Stay on page 1
  • Click the middle of the Stone Lamp

Snowboard Rack

  • Go to page 2
  • Click the foot bindings on the Skis hanging in the rack


  • Go to page 3
  • Click the blue bird on the Snowman's head

Small Christmas Tree

  • Stay on page 3
  • Click the red ribbon on the Christmas wreath

Christmas Lights

  • Stay on page 3
  • Click the star on top of the large Christmas tree

Coat Rack

  • Go to page 4
  • Click the Modern Chair cushion

Shoe Rack

  • Stay on page 4
  • Click the sunken ship at the bottom of the Large Aquarium

Wood Stove

  • Stay on page 4
  • Click the right leg of the coffee table


  • Go to page 5
  • Click the top right column of the snow fort


  • Stay on page 5
  • Click the top of the Snow Fortress Wall

Wow, that was a lot of club penguin catalog cheats. Be sure to check out the January 2010 Clothing Catalog Cheats, too.

14 Responses to “Club Penguin Better Igloos Jan-Feb 2010 Furniture Catalog Cheats”
  1. curt124 says:

    omg they are cool but i had them before.

  2. carolz says:

    it kide of comfuing

  3. please help! says:

    hey.. is there any way .. to get these things without the membership requirement..! please help meeeeee,.,,/!
    lv u :)

  4. sam says:

    idk? this sre not tht cool by the ways cp was kinda lieing about cool furniture!!!! just to tell u ppl out there looking tell me if u like me? you will find me on cabin at the night club. waddle on…..until then

  5. mystery says:

    can you give us cheats on how to get money!!!!

  6. coolsomeness says:

    dude u just have to put ur mouse on things and when it shows a handthen u click. thats all u have 2 do.

  7. none of your biz says:

    u have got to get better stuff! if you were gonna put something in the clothing catolog put the pink earmuffs,the pink and blue boa (the pink one mostly) and the pink or blue purse!

  8. julian says:

    i want this to work

  9. yo says:

    i got a big iggl that is cool

  10. spear599 says:

    ohh yay now i know where to get secret items :) :P

  11. Rose says:


  12. Rose says:

    Cool Thanks

  13. Zoey says:

    Hi Im Zoey Im 15 and i always wanted a christmas tree in my igloo and i got one by the way my favourite animal is a zebra and by fav music is rap and i love swimming ITS AWESOME!

  14. Julia says:

    Hi Im Julia Im Awesome I Got The icicles that i really wanted im so happy i want to make a ice castle i really want a ice castle but i dont have a ice igloo i have a fish bowl igloo i could have got the ice castle igloo but it went away and i was so sad but ill get it next year Bye!

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