Hello Club Penguins! We’re back again for the second half of the Better Igloos catalog update for fall! See the cheats below:

From where we left off, flip the page and look for the number ‘3’ on the Winner’s Podium item. Click it for the Sloped Wall

On the same page, click the trophy on the Trophy Shelf item to see the Snow Wall

Staying on the same page, click the top of the Snow Fortress and see the Icicles item pop up

Next, click on the equipment on the Ski Rack for the Vert Ramp

On the page seen below, click the trunk of the left palm tree and see the Snappy Shark

Change the page to the one seen below and click the chair for the Green Bench

Go to the Clearance category and click the coin on the Flashing Flare Item to get the Piano

For the Guitar Stand, stay on the page and click the red spot on the Single Flare item

The G-Clef on the Musical Motif will reveal the Microphone

Stay on the same page and click the middle of the Radiant Rocker Item and see the  Piano Bench

Flip to the page seen on the image and peek at the guitar hole and see the Terracotta Vase

Spot the coin icon on the Dance Mat to see the Mexican Vase

Terracotta Pot can be seen by clicking the big drum on the Dynamic Drums

Click the leg of the Party Platter for the Band Stage

Now, clicking the lens on the Laser Lights item reveals the Terracotta Pitcher

Flip the page and spot the tuning buttons on the Guitar Amp. Click it and see the Disco Ball item

Lastly, stay on the same page and click the rightmost light at the Concert Lights item. This will show the Tropical Palm item

Enjoy looking for those elusive hidden items! Have fun and keep waddling!

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