The Club Penguin Cave Expedition has started at the Mine and here are the cheats. There's a new pin, background and a free item for non-members and members.

How to find the Miner's Helmet:

  • Go to the Mine
  • Click on the crate filled with Miner's Helmets

Club Penguin Miner's Helmet

Throw snowballs into the machine for power

  • Press 'T' on your keyboard
  • Use your mouse to aim the snowball

Throw snowballs into the machine

Amethyst Pin

  • Wear your Miner's Helmet
  • Walk onto the dig area
  • Press 'D' to dig on that spot
  • You must click all 4 pieces of the pin before you can add it to your inventory
  • Try digging in different spots to get all 4 pieces

Club Penguin Pin - Amethyst Pin

Hidden Lake

  • Walk to the right side of the cave to enter the Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

Deep Sea Diving Suit

  • Click the "For Sale" sign in the Hidden Lake

Deep Sea Diving Suit Picture

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  1. Oreo2319 says:

    Awsome Post! The New Underwater Room Rocks!

    ~Oreo2319, Link removed: no advertising

  2. Tom says:

    this website is really good but th

  3. kaelen says:

    I can’t dig

  4. kaelen says:

    I can only dance

  5. kaelen says:

    I’ve been dancing for a whole day

  6. kaelen says:

    you have to wear a shovel or a hard hat and wear nothing else if you are a member you can wear something.

  7. hoho says:

    what do we do first

  8. hunter says:

    u must have one thing THE HELMET AND PUSH D!!!

  9. Alyssa says:

    this dosnt even word i cant find the hat!!!!

  10. Alyssa says:

    i need help!!!!!!

  11. tata says:

    how do you get to get the shovel dang

  12. Retliver says:

    Shovels are for members, and, you had to get the shovel from another time.

  13. jom says:

    wer do u get the hat and shovel form this is crazy

  14. guest says:

    im stuck

  15. jake says:

    go to the mine and you will find a room you will see a ahat and a shovel on the wall hanging take one the press d

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