Clubpenguin Tips fans we say a resounding call to all  EPF Agents! It looks like our enemies are once again on the move. Following this, EPF Field Ops has just recently released a new mission-  the EPF Field Ops Mission 39! Clubpenguin Tips will guide you with the mission with our latest guides and cheats. Strap up your gear penguin agents; this will be a tricky mission!

This mission is similar to mission 37 where you have to click the radar whenever the dial points to the number indicated at the bottom-left of the screen. Are you all ready? Then let’s start!

1. To get the mission, click on your spy phone and go to headquarters.

2. When you get there, click on the EPF Field Ops Screen. Professor G will brief you on the mission, telling you to find the signal near anything that has a lock like suitcases, chests, and lockers.

3. To save you the trouble of finding signals all over the place, we’ll be giving you directions to the signal’s location. Go to your map and click Ski Village.

4. When you get to Ski Village, click on the lounge house on the right side of the Tour stand. When you’re inside, climb up the ladder to get to the lounge attic.

5. Go to the area near the suitcase and click your phone when it rings.

6. Now for the tricky part, you will have click the radar whenever it points to the number indicated on the bottom-left corner of the screen. The numbers will vanish whenever you progress on the signal bar so we’ll give you the numbers for the radar.

7. You will need patience in this mission agents, I myself had several tries on this one but got it finally!

When you complete the mission, you will get another medal and a message from Herbert. Good luck agents!

Stay tuned here in Club Penguin Tips for the latest guides and cheats of  your favorite Club Penguin Game.

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