The new Club Penguin Furniture catalog has been released and there are quite a few new items in it. Here are the club penguin cheats for the Feb-Mar 2010 Better Igloos Catalog.
February-March 2010 Furniture Catalog

Blue Lamp

  • Go to Page 1
  • Click the Mailbox

Blue Lamp Cheat

Portal Box

  • Go to Page 3
  • Click the Stone Couch cushion

Portal Box Cheat


  • Stay on Page 3
  • Click the Stone Lamp

HD TV Cheat

Snowboard Rack

  • Go to Page 4
  • Click the Skis

Snowboard Rack Cheat


  • Go to page 5
  • Click the bluebird on the snowman's head

Nutcracker Cheat

Small Christmas Tree

  • Stay on Page 5
  • Click the red bow on the Christmas Wreath

Small Christmas Tree Cheat

Christmas Lights

  • Stay on Page 5
  • Click the star on top of the Large Christmas Tree

Christmas Lights Cheats

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