The Penguin Style May 2010 Clothing Catalog has been released and I have all the cheats for you.

Dragon Costume Cheat
Dragon Costume Cheat

Emerald Dress and Beautiful Braid Cheat
Emerald Dress and Beautiful Braid cheat

Green Hooded Cloak Cheat
Green Hooded Cloak Cheat

Red Viking Helmet Cheat
Red Viking Helmet Cheat

Green Face Paint Cheat
Green Face Paint Cheat

Dazzling Blue Top Hat Cheat
Dazzling Blue Top Hat Cheat

Top Hat Cheat
Top Hat Cheat

34 Responses to “Club Penguin May 2010 Clothing Catalog Cheats”
  1. sally says:

    wow i tried it it so worked thanks!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Do you know where to find the blue dragon costume!!!!!! I need it for something

  3. rosaline says:


  4. mikaela says:

    U missed one, there are cocoa bunny ears if you click on the trees on the next page. And there is also nothing else!

  5. shannon-rae says:

    hey guys

  6. Someone says:

    u missed another one! there is one on the dutches’s page and u click on the grapes. duh

  7. isha says:

    pretty please can i have free club penguin membership for only 3 or 2 or 1 day?
    my friends keep forcing me to but my mum says no

  8. isha says:

    oh and 1 more thing
    in the clothing catelong or anywere els
    are there any stuff for non members in there?
    i serliosly need it!
    pwease unless you guys let me be a member for at least one day?

  9. caoilinna vallance says:

    can i have a free membership on caoili121

  10. palillo1234 says:

    ne men yo me se pero de el nuevo catalogo
    yo quiero ser cholo en club penguin bato no se podra

  11. palillo1234 says:

    me men

  12. sevendy seven kittens says:

    all those costumes are dumb

  13. monkeyboy817 says:

    i need a free membership before tomorrow
    and fast

  14. hazel120 says:

    hi coulod i have a free member ship how could i have it ?

  15. urmama says:

    buenos dias

  16. fayz naseer says:

    i didnt got any cheat

  17. joosam says:

    yo se como tener el traje de dragon de color azul gratis tienes que liberar el libro de los tesoros y puedes coger tres cosas gratis

  18. Kayla says:

    Hey!! this doesnt work!! u need to be a member!!!!

  19. belle blue 7 says:

    heyyy i know all about the cheats they are cool that they have them

  20. love + hope says:

    Don’t try any cheats u will get band forever!!!

  21. gabe burgos says:

    ok those are old ones

  22. Bri says:

    u will not get band if you cheat! i have done it forever you dont get band!!

  23. mariah says:

    i’m not a member in clubpenguin but i want

  24. PACHINO1 says:

    can I have more coins like 6000 im broke and there is cool stuff out there its awsome

  25. spottie44616 says:

    the clothes were CUTE

  26. Sparkle59739 says:

    cool i needed the green dragon costume i have the blue one but i needed the green one for “The Ultimate Showdown Of The Ultimate Destiny” music video lol XDXDXDXD

  27. Clubpenguinfan says:

    I would like to have a membership, but my parents say it is to much money. So I am not allowed. If I could just have a membership for one week or two, I would appreciate it. I would be so pleased. If it is possible please email me back and just make it so that The next time I go on it, is when I am a member. If you do not know what I mean, please email me back.

    PS: I would really appreciate if I would have a free membership for a one week or two.

  28. Clubpenguinfan says:

    Or just email me so I know that next time I go on, I am a member for a week or two. The penguin I use is

    Blopie Boy12.

  29. XIIX iBite XIIX says:

    ok i tried this yeh ik its a cheat but it isnt for everyone it works but i cant get it becuz i dont have the membership

  30. Maxey 1998 says:

    ur a member

  31. rubeshwar says:

    Please deactivate my membership

  32. zachery says:

    Hi it still says THE STUPID OOPS YOU HAVE TO HAVE MEMBERSHIP I thought you could find the items then buy them for free BUT NO

  33. jemma-lee says:

    pleas can i be a member beucase ive been begging my mum for five years!!!!!!!!!

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