Club Penguin Agents it’s time to roll out the troops! We had been waiting for this. Herbert has gone and done it. He has attacked our EPF HQ. Let’s go to get him.

We have been warned many times by Club Penguin that Herbert might be ready to attack the Club Penguin EPF. All the signs were there. He told us that he would go to attack the EPF HQ first before going for the whole island. Take a look at the picture to see the destruction.

We will be handing out all the cheats on how to drag down this angry bear however at the moment the mini-game is glitched. Penguins will not be able to play further from this point. If you try to throw snowballs with the rapid fire button an error will occur in the CP and you will have to throw snowballs at the cauldron above Herbert.Then when you hit the target, nothing happens. We need to defeat this angry bear so we really hope that Club Penguin fixes this soon as we need to defend the EPF from Herbert’s attack.

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