What are Club Penguin Pins, and how do you get them? Club Penguin Pins are a free accessory obtained simply by finding them in the game. This is not always easy, as they are hidden throughout the game. They are displayed on a player’s penguin card and are collectible, and many players look to get all of them.

While other items such as clothing and igloo accessories are purchased with “coins” that each player wins playing games, pins are a free offering and finding and getting all of them is a common desire among players.

The Pins are all images of familiar objects, such as a beach ball, pizza slice, the sun, a butterfly, tent, vinyl record, and a rowboat. Many fan sites on the internet give clues, or cheats, on where to find the hidden pins. It is a challenge to find them, so players enjoy wearing them once they find them.

Sometimes the pin visually and thematically goes with its location. For example the vinyl record is in the nightclub, the anchor is in the cove, and the spider is in the cave. Others are not so direct. For example the jellyfish can be found in the ski lodge, the starfish is in the mine, and the shrimp is in the dance lounge.

10 Responses to “Getting Club Penguin Pins”
  1. thomas25039276 says:

    how do you get the ruby

  2. karrine1423435 says:

    you get the ruby by going in the Stage, then when your in you click on a sequence of objects so ill tell you what they are to get the ruby:

    1: click on the draws under the globe
    2: then click on the bin
    3: click on the book in the desk
    4: click the vase on the table
    5: and finaly click on the painting on the wall and press the safe

    And there you have it.

  3. karrine1423435 says:

    i accedently put in No. 2 ‘in’ i really ment on sorry about that

  4. Alisha says:

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  5. draco53775 says:

    where is the i pod!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. azdude1 says:

    i want to get all pins without finding them but i don’t no how

  7. Darkcahill10/maxbearizzy says:

    first of all the ipod isnt a pin. and theres a cheat im wondering about. a BIG one. how can u unban a penguin? if u can the user is goosegirl. she got banned this summer forever and i was wondering if theres a way to un ban her by hacking. is there? if there is i thank u very much please post here to tell me or go to URL Removed comment on the page ranks or chat (not the posts). gracias!

  8. mason1931 says:

    im new to club penguin do any of you no how to get the frog pin i do you no the doc look at every
    bit of water and you will see a frog i want to get all the pins can people tell me how to get some please please please

  9. Merlia12345 says:

    How do you get that new green disk

  10. cameron1246540 says:

    how do you get the jetpack [body item] and i dont have website

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