Hello Club Penguin Agents! The new EPF Field Ops Mission 46 has just been released! The latest Club Penguin field ops and Club Penguin Cheats are brought to you by Club Penguin Tips.

To find out your next mission you must go to the EPF Command Room. We will help you to find any suspicious device when you search the island so that we can discover Herbert’s plan!

  • Click on your Spyphone when it starts to flash.

  • You will then see this message:

Click on “Go There”, then go to the field-ops screen. You will need to work as a team to search the island for anything that could give you a clue for Herbert’s plan. Search for anything that doesn’t look right

  • You will then see the Field-ops message. Accept it and use your map to go to the Ski Village.

  • Once you are at the Ski Village. Walk to the right hand of the screen. You Spyphone will activate. Go and answer it.

  • You Spyphone will now lead you to the “Circuit Match” Mini-Game

  • You will need to match the correct circuits. The Green circles will tell you when you have the right code.  A good tip is to try to use every symbol on your first go.

  • As soon as you’ve finished. You will see the following message.

As soon as you complete the Club Penguin Field Ops you will receive yet another medal which you can use to buy EPF Stealth gear.

The Medieval party ends this week and no one knows what Herbert is up to. Try to search the island one last time as you might find something that will give you a clue.

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