Club Penguin members know the different between being a member and a non-member, and a big part of the difference is being able to purchase clothes and furniture and other items for your igloo. What about the harder to find items that aren’t seen in the catalog? Where do all the Club Penguins find these hard to find items?
Club Penguin gives each player coins when they play and win at games. These winnings translate into coins. Money won playing games can be used to purchase everything from clothing, costumes and wigs for parties and events, pets and pet accessories, and of course, igloos. Penguins live in igloos, and members are able to customize their living experience. You can upgrade to a larger igloo, or make improvements to the one you live in. You can even customize the furniture you have in your igloo.
Club Penguin has a large membership and many players have started their own websites dedicated to Club Penguin. Many publish cheats, including cheats on how to find hidden items for your igloo can be found. In the catalogs which get published monthly, items are sold but some are hidden such as Disco Balls, Wheelbarrows, Aquariums, Ice tables, and many others.

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  1. no name says:

    This is a really good site. Keep it going!!!!

  2. random says:

    This is a good site I’ll give it that but im a non member with barely any items I really want the member items in the clothes catalog but I cant get them as Im not a member are there any cheats or recent glitches that I can use to get them?

  3. Rob @ PDF Car seat Brochures says:

    What local stores can I buy Club Penguin Power Cards? Are the Power Cards the Trading Cards?

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