Hello Club Penguins! We should all know by now that the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest are now playing on the stage. However what many penguins still don’t know is that there is a quest that is also part of this play.Thanks to Disney, there is another pin hidden somewhere in Club Penguin, which is also in addition to the most recent Red Electric Guitar Pin, as well as the cool Free background that we had received recently.

OK, so as we always do, we are going to show you how to get the secret pin.

So, first you will need to go to the Bamboo Forest.

You will then have to check out the Bamboo Forest on the Stage, this has one of the best sets that we have seen so far. Make sure that you take notice of how the stage is set. You won’t be able to access the throne room as there is currently no way to cross the water.

Now that you are here, go to the lower right hand side of the room and click on the trunk on the right hand side. You are also able to click on the catalog icon so that you can open up the Costume Trunk Catalog from there. You will then see this picture from the catalog.

Click on the page to see this message.

When you open this trunk you will quickly find out that it doesn’t hold any hidden cheats, however it does hold the hints and great references to the mysterious Enchanted Feather.

You can click on the feather to get more hints. However with us on your side, you don’t need these hints. You already know that we always show you how to get what you want from the game.

So, let’s get this feather. You need to firstly use your map to head to the Beacon. Once at the Beacon, you will see the feather in the top right hand corner. Just walk over to it to pick it up. SIMPLE!

Once you pick it you, you should see this message.

Well done. You now have another Pin under your belt.

Now that we have got that out of the way, it is time to use your map to go back to the stage. Let’s get this one solved. You might notice that something is not the same this time as the set has been changed, however the bridge is still missing. Well, maybe not. Walk over to the stage and the bridge will appear.

You will now need to cross over the bridge and you should notice a glowing medallion above it.

When you cross the bridge, walk next to the throne and you will see a trap door. Stand on it and you will receive the Phoenix Queen’s background

And there you have it penguins. That is one more step in the right direction.

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