Hello Club Penguins! Have you seen all the recent Club Penguin Updatesthat have taken place recently? Disney is really doing well to keep Club Penguin interesting and new; there is never a dull moment. So what are these updates? Well Club Penguin has firstly updated the all new Martial Artworks Catalog. This can be found in the Ninja Hideout in the Dojo! All in all, there are in total 10 brand new items in the catalog,however there are 5 of them that are hidden cheats on new pages. Try not to miss out on some new Ninja clothing.

The 5 new items are as follows:

  1. The Storm (Hair)
  2. Lightning Gi
  3. The Quicksilver (Hair)
  4. Ink Ceremony Robe
  5. Golden Sun Suit

These new items mentioned above are really cool, however we all know that you are dying to start showing off your new Ninja item. Well ok, here you have it.

  1. Ok so on the first new page of the Martial Artworks Catalog, The Storm and the Lightning Gi,You need to click on the piece of grass that is in the upper-right corner. This is where you will find the The Bolt (Hair) and the Thunder Gi
  2. When you go to the second page, you will see the The Quicksilver and the Ink Ceremony Robe,now click on the small piece of grass in the lower-right hand corner. You will find The Cinder (Hair) and the Tea Ceremony Robe!

3.On the last newpage, you will find the Golden Sun Suit,once again, click on the grass however this time in the upper-left hand corner and you will be able to unlock the Crimson Sun Suit cheat!

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