Here is how to make items float in Club Penguin:

  • Login to ultimate safe chat server
  • Enter a room with a free item/pin in it - doesn't matter which one
  • Walk onto it so the message box asking you if you want to pick it up appears
  • Repeatedly press the Tab button - you will see a yellow box moving around showing you which button is in focus
  • Keep pressing the Tab button until the yellow box lands on your igloo button in the chat bar
  • Press enter

If done correctly, you should have item image that you moved on be floating on your screen no matter where you go.

Here is a video showing you the floating item cheat in action

20 Responses to “Club Penguin Glitch – Floating Items”
  1. RTi@ says:


  2. Gummyworms says:

    the floating thing does not work

  3. Josh says:

    How do you get it to go away?

  4. PELUGA 1 says:

    The yellow box does not land on my igloo.

  5. Gizmo says:

    No no no if cant get the tab around the igoo you ne to be
    on a umtilme safe chat sever

  6. Godly Girl77 says:

    I was on a safe chat server, but the yellow box never went to my igloo… I tried several times too. Hmm…

  7. Victoria says:

    i tried it but it still wont work i cant get it to go on the igloo button I AM 14 I AM CAPABALL OF PRESSING TAB!!!!!! its making me really mad!!!!

  8. The Flapjack says:

    Yes Victoria, you are CAPABLE to press tab. Wow, 14 and you can’t spell that?

  9. Lunarosey says:

    I know why it won’t work. Club Penguin took the glitch off. They did it to other glitches too. Like you know the DJ3K million coin glitch? They took that off too. Now you can’t go to your igloo by pressing tab.

  10. Blossom7932 says:

    It Doesn’t Work Anymore Try it yourself. it doesn’t and ill prove it.

  11. Item Box says:

    Hi there!My name is Item Box.Heres a cheat how to get to rockhopper island!Theres 3 ways to do it!First stay on is ship until 12:00 in the morning.the second way is play hydro hopper until level 25.the third one is to use soft ware.Oh yah i give out items to let you know!You can find on server frozen,sleet,and white house!

    Item Box

  12. shwimp12 says:

    everyone listen to this!
    Go to Link Removed: No Advertising
    If i get 100 people to visit at the same time i will give out 5 coin codes!

  13. brandon day117 says:

    I do think it’s sad you can’t spell capable victoria, i’m only ten!!!WOW!!!

  14. sip says:

    hey i went on it can i get 5 codes now plzzzzzzzzzz

  15. kylee says:

    Really ppl?
    making fun of somebody just because they cant spell capable?
    hahah get a life:)
    anyways nice advice, this did work when cp first came out but i think they took the glitch off along with some other ones. And what item box said, is very true

  16. Zen says:

    I was just gonna do it but I changed my mind…yup i did change my mind.

  17. dummani says:

    so…can we hav 5 coin codes alreay

  18. says:

    capable even i can spell it and i am 6

  19. Benjy08 says:

    it does not work when you press tab it goes only on penguins :(

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