Here is a new glitch in Club Penguin that allows you to walk and dance on pathways that would normally take you to another part of the map.

Here is how to perform this glitch:

  • Click the part of the pathway you would like to walk to
  • While walking, click the Penguin Mail envelope at top left
  • Stay in Penguin Mail and just click around your postcards and read your mail
  • When you think your penguin has stopped walking, close out of Penguin Mail
  • If done correctly, you should be standing on the pathway without being taken to another area of the map. You can dance, talk, or whatever else you can think of
8 Responses to “New Pathways Glitch”
  1. fatmrscookyo says:

    = [

  2. bitchfuckujk says:

    this doesn’t work >=(

  3. happygirl14 says:

    I tried this glitch and it works really well and I really love your site!

  4. yopooo says:

    This is the greatest glitch ever

  5. qtong says:

    it works really well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BRANDON says:

    i tried and it sai the connection was lost

  7. BRANDON says:

    im trying to do it again its doin the same thing this sucks

  8. guest46453 says:

    its so easy to do anyways its not a very special trick

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