Club Penguin Pin Tracker

Here is a Club Penguin Pin Tracker that you can add to your own Club Penguin website. Just highlight the code (bold text) below, then copy and paste it into your own website's html code.

<a href="" title="Club Penguin Cheats"><img src="" alt="Club Penguin Pins" /></a>

This is what the pin tracker will look like on your website:
Club Penguin Pins

28 Responses to “Club Penguin Pin Tracker”
  1. chevy cool says:

    thankz }:)

  2. Ani says:

    Thank ya

  3. Clubpenguinhelper says:

    Thanks will you post more trackers like for penguin band!!! P.S.
    It helps me a lot when I have visited most of the rooms but did not spot the pin!!

  4. nightmare says:

    hey hey the new pin is not the speaker pin its the golden feather

  5. wooeymac says:

    I have already got that pin and i cwt the new 1 comes!! i think that the next 1 will be something 2 do with puffles bcuz its puffle party time!!! i love all the rooms and ur tracker did help me but i cannot find one that tracks RoCkHoPpEr!!!!! or Dj CaDeNcE!
    Or, AuNt ArCtIc Or Pb Or G!!!!!!! wwwwwwhhhhhaaaaaaa
    ;-( o well at least i found the pin!!!!!!

  6. princess pro says:

    i enjoy cb a lot and thankx to the trailer i can keep on track

  7. minahil says:

    plzzzzzzz tell me where is the pin ….i cant find it i checked every where….plzzz tellllll :(

  8. mr djprawns says:

    this website is the best cheat website ever

  9. andrea says:

    club pinguin are beutiful and fun

  10. bfjbenge says:

    hey thx wouldnt of found it with out ya

  11. Cameron4203 says:

    i was wondering how people found pins and l looked here and i found them,,, THNX

  12. timtamtom4 says:

    je veu etre riche

  13. timtamtom4 says:

    j’aimerais etre riche

  14. tomdess says:

    je veu etre riche et avoir 100000000000$

  15. priyana says:

    The way i find pins is looking ever where and while i look i play games around.

  16. nick47479 says:

    this thing is awsome!!!!

  17. sha iffy says:

    there is a new 1 it is a frog pin at the dock

  18. mr djprawns says:

    i do use cp alot and this website really helps me out

  19. melonhed says:

    howbout the recycle c1 ?????????

  20. sonia says:

    ok dude…………this is working

  21. sdx:-) says:

    this web is weird !

  22. Shadowbeat8 says:

    dude… u need 2 change this

  23. jeklie367 says:

    me found pin- woooohooo!
    thnx! bye, bye i have 2 go

  24. miley cyrus rules says:

    i had it at the mid evil party and now the dance party is coming june 9 2010

  25. rockhopper tracker july2010 says:

    Current status:online
    room: Light house beacon

  26. Gary tracker july2010 says:

    Current status:online
    Server: Alpine
    room:ski hill

  27. Rookie 2011 01/04/11 says:

    im at the box dimension wich server i think freeze reeze im online!

  28. Rookie 2011 01/04/11 says:

    its me rookie i want the right pins not fake pins

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