This Club Penguin Tip comes from Skidatle. This user was nice enough to share a great tip with me on how to get around all the server issues that Club Penguin is having with Card-Jitsu.

So how do you do it you might be asking? Well, it is so simple that I wish I would have thought of it. All you have to do is log on to a Portuguese Safe Chat server and play. The reason why is that they are usually less populated, so you never have problems logging on and playing the game. And because it is a safe chat server you don't have to worry about language barriers.

Thanks for the tip Skidatle!!!

7 Responses to “How To Play Card-Jitsu With No Server Problems”
  1. Sigma says:

    In Morocco, we don’t have this problem, when we’re playing Card-Jitsu, the americans are sleeping.^^

  2. pickachu611 says:

    cool i will try that cause i can play but it is slow and i play english

  3. pumpkin says:

    its so painful i hate it i love the game card-jitsu i think we should make another room with the game in it

  4. Hjgduyhwsgah says:

    Well I knew that tip apart from the safe chat server thing I was stuck on a portuguese server and people asking me questions in portugues I was stuck for like two hours saying”Me speak English.” :) .

  5. lexi says:

    for some reason when i play card-jitsu the cards show up for my opponent, but not for me. i emailed cp and they said they fixed it but it still doesnt work. please help if you know what to do.

  6. Princess N51 says:

    The same thing happens to me the card never come up its soo annoying i nearly got 2 be a ninja!!!!


  7. maddie says:

    I can not get in to club penguin it says not conneced to sever wait ten minutes but at school it does

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