Watch this video for evidence that Ninjas are probably coming to Club Penguin. As you can see, a mysterious figure floats past the Dojo while it is under construction. It is most likely a Ninja.

8 Responses to “Club Penguin Ninja Video”
  1. The Source00 says:

    Nice vid! what kind of site is this?

  2. Juhomma says:

    Hey man, i added you on my blogroll.

    Could you please add my site to yours blogroll?


  3. babybutter says:

    well, this is probably true, but when is he really gonna do anything, i hope its soon, he is probably gonna set up a ninja house or somfin, i suppose, we will find out soon!!

  4. Rockhopper says:

    arr your wright ninjas are real and mymo 1000 my brother arr.
    the ninjas are real.

  5. dav45623 says:

    how did you make this site wordpress?

  6. lalalalollo says:

    who is that strange guy on the roof ? it says hes called ??????

  7. AuntArtica says:

    my puffle once said she saw a ninja.

  8. Skidatle says:

    Hey the dojo has completely changed and there a loads of secret ninjas around club penguin! For instance, click the n on the nightclub and a ninja appears and if you look at the top screens at the hq then some ninjas comeup and have boards saying “we dont even exist”!

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