Mike 92 plots to rob the Club Penguin Bank in this video.

9 Responses to “Club Penguin Robbery”
  1. lolgirl says:

    Omg funny. How do you get infanite coins and do you get banned? I tried it and its funny. And i even have accsess to the closet place.

  2. gold99887 says:

    ‘umm it has bad words but its still really funny! lol cause every penguin is a secret agent! LOLZ!

  3. alexander says:


  4. lucas says:

    how do u do it ?

  5. tamara says:

    im sure that u wernt happy that u got banned FOREVER!

    i would be crying!!
    U should of known that he was a cop aswell!!

    (my brother wanted to watch that movie a million times he loves it sooo much!!)

    but how do ya do it??

  6. Mathew Baynton says:

    HI I think this is really cool and i know you didn’t get banned because i tried when i was on club penguin

  7. Torenz says:


    Are you poor or is that a glitch?
    i love this video! ♥

  8. pin364 says:

    are you a reall robber or not. plz tell me i wont tell mike92

  9. Happy77 says:

    Are u good u were banned forever

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