Hello Club Penguins! That Spyphone just won’t stop ringing lately. We just received another EDF message from Agent G. Club Penguin is really moving this summer!

The New EDF message says “New Field-Op tomorrow. Each class lead will be running a training operation over the next few weeks. Check the Command Room for orders”

I hope that you get up bright and early tomorrow as we just got the news that we have been waiting for,for a while now. We will be getting a new Field Ops tomorrow. You all know just how long we have been waiting for our new Field Ops mission. Agent G certainly seems happy about it.He is going to keep us on our feet and ready when he releases the new training mission. He is just making sure that our skills don’t wear off since we are just waiting around. We also need to make sure that we are ready to get into action again when the time comes.

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