Hello Club Penguins! The log in screen for Club Penguin has just been updated to a cool new look. This has been done in order to celebrate this year’s Music Jam 2011! The finishing touches are almost done and the wait is unbearable. It’s a good thing that this party is running from the 16th 2011 through June 25th 2011. At least that will give us some time to listen to the music.

The login screen might say 17th however this is due to the fact that the parties start a day earlier in the United States!

The really cool thing is that Club Penguin have even updated the character page. This has been done in the help area in order to reflect the present style of the Penguin Band. Last week we had also noted that it now says:

They played their first gig as a full band at the 2006 Western Party – and they’ve been rocking out ever since!

The Penguin Band has 4 members:

  • Stompin’ Bob plays electric bass. A cool, confident leader, Stompin’ Bob writes most of the songs.
  • G Billy plays drums. Dedicated and loyal, G Billy keeps the band together.
  • Petey K plays accordion. Funny and smart, Petey K is always pulling pranks.
  • Franky plays keyboards. Curious and creative, Franky loves sampling new

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