Hello Club Penguins! We've recently got another message from Rookie, an EPF agent. According to a reliable EPF agent, our EPF Spyphones are flashing blue because of a new message from EPF agent Rookie to Herbert which resulted as a consequence to last week's Club Penguin Field Ops.

The message, and I qoute, reads "*Open message-all channels* Herbert! Are you really going to help destroy the environment??? Why would you do something like that?”

Judging from the content of the message, it was expected that EPF agent Rookie would be troubled. But, shouldn't we all be concerned as well about this news? After all, this is our environment we are talking about! This should be given high attention! For now, we can only do so much but wait and hope that Herbert responds accordingly. Let's hope that Rookie or G would be able to do something about this bothersome news.

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