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Battle of Doom for Herbert’s Hydra Bot

Ok Club Penguin Agents, This is how we are going to take him down once and for all. Herbert and his Hydra Bot need to be defeated at the battle of Doom. So, you first need to head to the Elite Penguin Headquarters to enter the Battle of Doom. Have you noticed that the wall has been broken away? Well if you did then walk to where there is a gap in the wall.

As soon as you enter the room you will start speaking to Herbert the Bear. As soon as he finishes from talking to you he will call the Hydrabot. If you had tried the Knight’s Quest 3 at the Medieval Party, this will be an easy treat for you as it is almost the same thing. If you happen to be a non-member and you didn’t play Knight’s Quest 3, then you’re in for a good time.

Ok so where do we start?

This Hydra Bot has not one head, but 3 Huge Dragon heads, but don’t worry because each head has its own weakness so you will be able to destroy it. Let’s go through them:

The Red Hydra Bot Dragon Head:

  • As soon as it opens its mouth-Start throwing those snowballs.

Watch out for those Fireballs coming your way. Unless you want to start all over again.

The Blue Hydra Bot Dragon Head:

  • Aim well as you throw snowballs at the Cauldron 3000 which is moving backwards and forwards so that it pours that lava all over the Blue Dragon. Make sure that you hit the cauldron just as it is over the Blue dragon.

The Yellow Hydra Bot Dragon Head:

  • I hope that you collected the shield in the previous room as you will need it when the Dragon starts spitting its laser breath at you. You will need this shield to reflect the dragon’s laser beam. Just before the yellow dragon spits his nasty laser beam at you, one of the slabs on the ground will light up. You have to walk over to this slab as quickly as possible!

If you haven’t got it, you will need the shield from Knight’s Quest 3 (White Knight Staff and Shield) as this will deflect the laser beam back to the Yellow Dragon. For non-members all you have to do it to avoid the slabs that start glowing to avoid the beam or move to a slab where the green bar is fully charged.

These Dragons are really hard work. They are even slowing us down. If you are having trouble with the Hydra Dragons follow these tips to get through this challenge! Club Penguins servers were running slowly while many other penguins would accidentally spill the lava early and miss the Blue Head.

  1. The best thing to do is click the lowest quality button on the upper-right. It will help it to run faster.
  2. Choose one of the servers with the least penguins. The International servers worked best.
  3. Always try to use the “T” key on your keyboard to throw the snowballs instead of clicking. It is better as you can aim better and you can also throw them really quickly.
  4. When you are trying to destroy the Blue Hydra be sure to aim first as that bucket of lava approaches. Then start throwing the snowballs non-stop right over the Blue Hydra’s head while the bucket comes his way. The bucket will then tip over right on target!

As soon as you have defeated Herbert you will have another EFF pin as well as 3 Field Ops Medals.

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