Hello Club Penguins! You heard the rumors around about the coolest app soon to be released right? Everyone’s just talking about it everywhere I go! This time Penguins, the Club Penguin App demonstration video can be seen now in Youtube! Have you watched the video now? If not then here’s the link for you to see the Beta version of the Club Penguin App!


See how cool it is? According to the Club Penguin forum, the technical staff in Club Penguins is working on a lot of apps, so maybe when the official app is released, we can all play the games in Club Penguins! This video just made me want to have that very cool app even more! I’m sure you all want to have it as well but I guess a little more waiting wouldn’t hurt. For now enjoy waddling Penguins! Lots of new activities await us this month so watch out!

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