Hello Club Penguins! Club Penguins has updated the Better Igloos Catalog to prepare us for the coming fall and the most awaited Fall Fair coming in just two weeks! It will be an exciting event just like all the others! To top that, the new items will surely make our Igloos better suited for the season! Just like before, hidden items are all around the catalog so here are the cheats to find all of them!

In this page, click on the screen for the Stainless Steel Stove!

On the same page, click the items on feed fluffy trashcan to see the Comfy Crab

Flip the page and click the hole on the Captain Cutout for the Feeding Bucket

Look at the first star on the Water through item on the same page for the Plush Grey Chair

Once you get on this page, you can see the computer desk by clicking the item circled on the Boss Desk

Next the Classroom Chair can be found on the locker numbered with 3

On this page, click on the price of Box Ramp and see the S-curve Ramp

Stay on the same page, click on the text “Half-Pipe” for the C-Curve Ramp

Still on this page, clicking the yellow-orange dispenser on the Slushie Maker will reveal the HD TV

Yet still on the same page, click on the blue piece circled on the picture below to see the Freewheelin’ Foam Pit

There are sure a lot of new items for this year’s fall edition of Better Igloos! We’ll be giving the rest of the cheats on the next article!

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