Fellow Penguins!  Club Penguin Tips is happy to announce that Club Penguin is celebrating an advanced April Fools' Day Celebration by giving us a new Scavenger Mission! The mission is nerve-wreckingly fun and easy- all you have to do is find 8 pieces of the puzzle to get your free box outfit. You have to be a member to get the mission though. Finding the puzzle pieces can be tricky but say no more, ClubPenguin is here to guide you.  Check out the guide below:

1. Click on the box icon found at the top-right hand of your screen. A window will pop-up then click continue.

2. Next, go to the box dimension room. You will find the first piece of the puzzle in the middle of the room. All the locations of the puzzle pieces can only be found inside the rooms of the box dimension. Click on the puzzle piece.

3. A window will pop-up again At the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window is a clue to where the next puzzle piece will be found. You have to solve the riddle to know the next location but I'll give you the location of the next pieces directly to save you all the trouble of solving the riddles.

4. The second piece can be found in the desert dimension. It is found along the mountain range as shown in the picture above.

5. The third piece is found in the Doodle Dimension, the box will be the pencil icon . You have to click the big pencil found at the bottom to reveal the third puzzle piece. Follow the direction where the tip of the pencil is pointing and there you have it, the third puzzle piece.

6. The next puzzle piece is a stapler and can be found in the Space Dimension, the box with the planet icon. All you have to do is trace the stars into a stapler shape like forming the constellations from the stars in a clear bright night. Once you're done, see the stapler materialize for you to get the fourth piece of the puzzle.

7. The fifth piece is quite easy to find. Just go to the Silly Place, the box with the jester hat icon, and find the puzzle piece sitting on the cushion found at the bottom-right of the screen.

8. For the sixth puzzle piece, go to the Stairs Dimension. Find the box with the stair icon then find the rectangle piece as shown in the picture above.

9. The seventh piece is quite tricky to get. You have to go to the Soda Dimension and find the box with the wooden barrel icon. When you get there, enter the barrels according to their number labels. When you get to the top-right corner of the screen, place your penguin at the stone tablet labeled as number 6 and you will consequently get the tape for your seventh puzzle piece.

10. For the final piece, go to the Candy Dimension find the box with the candy icon and click the spoon on the top-left corner of the screen. The spoon will scoop-up ice cream twice. After the second scooping of ice cream, the eight and final piece will be revealed.

11. When you're done finding the pieces, click the Claim Prize button. You will get your very own Box Outfit! Go back to the Box Dimension Room wearing the Box Outfit to enter the Strange Dimension.

12. Finally, when you get to the Strange Dimension, click on the locker found at the bottom-right corner of the screen to get your member-exclusive Delivery Hat and Outfit!

This Club Penguin April Fool's Event Celebration is brought to you by Club Penguin Tips.

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