Hello Penguin Agents!  Club Penguin Tips is thrilled to announce to you that Headquarters just released a new EPF Field Ops Mission. Here is the new cheats of Club Penguin EPF Field Ops Mission 38! In this mission, you will have to find the enemy’s signal and then solve the puzzle to get information about our sworn enemies, Herbert and Protobot! This guide is brought to you by Club Penguin Tips.

1. As always, access your phone and you will get the mission. Go to headquarters and then click the field-ops screen.

2. Professor G will then give you the mission briefing. You have to find enemy signal somewhere around town.

3. Go to your map and then click “The Plaza”

4. When you get there, click on the man-hole in front of the Pet Shop.

5. Go to the area encircled on the image above to get the enemy signal and then open up your spy phone.

6. On your phone, you will have to solve a puzzle. The puzzle can be a bit tricky but you will get the hang of it in time.

7. To solve this puzzle, you have the option on placing four kinds of symbols on the slots provided. First tip is to place all four symbols on the first four slots. Press “scan” and see if you have a few right symbols. If you got green circles around your symbols, then you placed it right, if you got yellow circles, it means that you got the right symbol only on the wrong slot, if you got a red circle, it means that you have the wrong symbol.

8. In my first try, I got two correct answers. In my second try I kind ofplayed around the symbols for a bit and got the combination right! Combinations may vary for other players so good luck!

When you got all the symbols right, you will earn another medal to spend on more spy gear. To top it off, you will get a message from Rookie!

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