Attention little Penguins. Club penguin has released EPF Field Ops Mission 45!

To start playing the field-op go to the EPF Command Room and click on the field-ops screen.

You need to do a full security search of the island. Work together with your fellow penguins. Make sure that all the citizens are safe and make sure that you use your spy phone to scan for anything suspicious.

Herbert has informed us that he may strike during the Medieval Party. We don’t know what he is planning so make sure to check each part of the island. Top of Form.

To carry out a security search of the island, you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the Command room to learn more about your orders.

2. Accept the Field-Op before you leave the EDF Command Room

3. Access your Teleporter and go to the “Cave”

4.  Once in the cave go to the lower right hand corner of the pool.

5. When you get there your Spyphone will start to ring. Answer it to play the “Circuit” mini game.

6. Your objective is to click on the red circuits to find the ones that match. Then all you have to do is join the ones with the same symbol. It’s easy, BUT HURRY as your time will run out. So keep an eye on the clock.

7.  Once you have finished your Field Op will be complete. Well Done Penguins.

Once you complete the Club Penguin Field Ops you will receive a medal which you can spend towards EPF Stealth gear. The following message will also appear:

You found a tracking device hidden in the gold. There’s a message attached to it. Klutzy! Hide this tracking device in the room we talked about. This is step one in our plan. Make sure to hide it somewhere those Ear Picking Fools won’t find it!

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