Hello Club Penguins! It is finally here! All the club penguin fans are now welcome to the new feature released by Club Penguin, which makes it much easier to view ones favorite item from our large and exclusive database. This is our latest creation and will be a good tool in making it easy to access any item that has ever been released by Club Penguin, all through the click of a button.

The Item Database contains ones favorite item, its description, the ID, price, and other cool features that are common for all our items. This means that anyone who would like to search for anything through this latest release would not necessarily have to remember the specific name of the item, or the ID number. All that the person has to remember is the description of the item, key in a few details and let technology handle the rest. The database will narrow down the options for the person, making it easier for the item to be spotted from a few that have been sampled. How cool is that!

This latest technology from Club Penguin allows the user to access information about a particular item, just in case one needs to verify some of its specifications. For example, if one needs to know the ID of a particular item that he is aware of, all that he/she will have to do is to use the search engine tool to locate the item, and a whole list of the items specs will appear.

This may be just what most of our members have been asking for throughout our club’s existence, and will be of the utmost help for anyone using the tool.

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