Hello Club Penguins! We have now found a cool way of posting new ideas about what Club penguins has to offer to our fans. One of our members has unleashed a cool way of finding some of our products on his YouTube Channel. By combining his creativity and the knowledge he has been offered by some of our directors, this member has been able to create sneak previews of the Island Adventure Party 2011 has to offer.

On previous occasions, we have been giving off information about our upcoming events through images that we post on our sites. The images provided some of the information needed, but did not provide the maximum effect that ought to be given. The new videos provide more information, thus one can have a better feel of what the Adventure Island will be like. Isn’t this just the coolest idea?

Adventure Island provides our members a chance to come face to face with some of the challenges that are offered, after which very cool gifts are offered to the winners of these challenges. Every challenge level has its own hurdles, and the participants are promised to have a real adventure while trying to beat these levels.

Source code: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxoesjQ0FtA&feature=player_embedded

One ought to look out for evil Klutzy, one of the many crabs that are going to be present in the Adventure Island. From thevideo, one ought to learn that there are numerous crabs around, suggesting that this time around; the scavenger hunt that is a highlight of this year’s event may have something to do with these crabs. Well, it is for you to find out, so you had better keep your eyes open.

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