Hello Club Penguins! The in thing right now in Club Penguin’s list of fabulous activities is the making and posting of new Club Penguin videos on YouTube. This is by far the coolest way of knowing all the fan activities that are going on in the Club Penguin world.
Thanks to some of our dedicated members, we have of late dedicated our time in producing some cool videos, which are linked up to YouTube, in order to make our members aware of the up and coming activities this year. This particular video is a sneak preview of the new Island Adventure Party that Club penguin is ready to unveil. As the name suggests, this is one of the new features, which promises fan to our members as they try to beat the different challenges that are present in the Adventure Island.
Source code: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxoesjQ0FtA&feature=player_embedded
Previously, Club Penguin was offering its fans and members some sneak previews through some images being posted on our websites. Nevertheless, this new video is much cooler than what our fans and members have been receiving. Things that our members have to be aware of are the crabs in the island.
According to this new release, there seems to be numerous numbers of these crabs along the island. Our adventure island challenges seem to be a promised adventure for all those who will venture here. Watch out for Evil Klutzy the Crab. The scavenger hunt might just include him, or even the rest of the crab world down at Adventure Island – who knows? Make sure that you and all your friends get a chance to watch this cool video before it is too late.
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