Hello Club Penguins!  Club Penguin has yet again released a new item in its catalogue of the Club Penguin Better Igloos Furniture. The igloos that one has can now come with brand new decorations especially on the onset of the 2011 Island Adventure Party, which is coming very soon. The new items are listed below, but in order to get to them one must follow this procedure:
1. At the chat bar, there is a “Home” icon. You must click on it first.
2. Next, click on the edit button
3. An icon that prompts you to buy the item will appear. Click on it.
Images of any of the new and old items in this catalogue will show and all you have to do is select on the one that you want to get a hold of.

For the above items, you should be able to get a Snappy Shark for 250 coins through clicking between the Cream soda container and the “X marks the spot”. Another item on the catalogue can be retrieved by clicking on the green bench.

For older ones like the ones listed above, retrieving the items is as easy as clicking on the coin that resides on the flare. The piano can be retrieved for only 900 coins. The guitar strand one can

1. Click the coin on the Flashing Flare and you can get the Piano Cheat for 900 coins.
2. The Guitar Stand is on the same page and can be found by clicking the red light on the Single Flare furniture item.
3. For the next furniture hint, click the treble clef on the Musical Motif and you’ll bring up the Microphone for 200 coins.

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