Hello Club Penguins! In the quest to make Club Penguin as fan and as friendly to the members as could possibly be, the team has gone ahead and introduced a very good idea to its endless list of fabulous initiatives. Since most of us are YouTubedie-hard fans, the initiation of Club Penguin on YouTube is a welcomed idea.

This time around, one of our members has posted a new video about the different aspects of Club Penguins. All of us are aware of how much we have become addicted to this new trend that the members are undertaking. Well, if you are not aware of it, the in thing right now is an activity that entails making Club Penguins Music Video (CPMV) sets. This is a system where a member makes a set for any popular song, and the set includes all the Club Penguins’ items available.

Source code: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCLLMFiHCeo&feature=player_embedded#t=114s

This member has done a marvelous job at it this time around. Though there may be no actual lyrics to the jam, there is so much life and uniqueness in the set of a popular rock sound track. The color code, combined with the ambience and penguins, bring out the best in video making that our members have been exposed to. Clearly, this member has been following up each lesson that our directors have been giving, thus making the video a must watch to all our music and club penguin fans out there.

For all the members of Club Penguins, all that we could urge our fans is to watch out for more of these videos out there. Our members are working on them. This is a cool way of making videos and everyone should try it out.

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