Hello Club Penguins! If you have not yet visited the Club Penguin website, this is your opportunity to do so. If you have been to the site and realized that the registration process was too long, then you will be delighted to know that it has changed. For anyone to join the group you previously had to go through thirteen tedious steps, the new process only requires you to go through five simple steps.

Reports have it that, someone at Disney took the time to test the process and concluded that the process was now easier and faster.

The five simple steps include:

  • One has to begin with filling out the registration forms. Here, details such as a user name, a password and an email address are required.
  • The next step includes activating your account. Simply click on the activation link and choose the type of chat you want to use.
  • When you push the ‘play now’ button, you will be directed to club penguin without having to enter your username, your password or even selecting your server.
  • When logged on, you as the new user will enter a special forum where basic functions of Club Penguin, are taught.
  • The last stage is where you click on the map and you begin your participation as a full member of the club.

The new and easy registration process will attract more people to the club and keep them there for a very long time.

NOTE: As an added advantage of being a member, if you are a new or an old member, the club is giving out red and white hats, and a new background.

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