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Hello Club Penguins! For all those who made it to the Club Penguin music jam 2011, we know you had a lot of fun and laughter. We hope you had a chance to know the names of all the penguin band members since you had an extra week added on. This goes to show you that the rumors about the extension were true.

On other matters, there was an earlier message we sent about a change in prices. If you have not yet registered as a Club Penguin member, there is no reason as to why you should not do it today. Many adventures are associated with becoming a member as well as benefits. The prices rose slightly by 9 percent for the monthly membership, while the six monthly memberships rose by 33%. This change in price has only affected new members in the United States and Canada, though the increase is manageable.

For those living outside these countries, the price adjustment has not yet taken effect and might not do so until later in the year.

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