Fantastic, Club Penguin is now back online again and we can all reach the servers from around the world, so we thought it might be a good idea to show you a video that a member has posted. This video is to celebrate the Music Jam 2011!

Have you seen how cool the new video is? They have taken one of the cool music tracks that can be heard for the Music Jam and then they have placed the video so that it includes the instruments and performers that actually created the track! One Member calls it “Coffee Break”. Check out the video below to look at the video.

So what do you reckon? We thought that one of the coolest parts was when the pirate hit the cow bell!

How do you think that your Music Jam is going? We had been following the band whilst also following Cadence and we have found each member of the band including Cadence a fair few times.Why not keep an eye on our Club Penguin Trackers as you will certainly find them as you go along. You just can’t give up!

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