Hello Club Penguin Agents! Have you received the orders that we have all been waiting for from Agent G? An EPF message about a new field Op was announced over spyphones on Clubpenguin. This training mission has been overdue since as time goes by, we are becoming rusty.Stay tuned for more details coming your way, concerning the Field Ops. Our field Ops cheats and Field Ops tracker will keep you automatically posted on the progress.

The new simplified Penguin registration process

For those who have already registered and those who have not made their decision yet, it is good to be informed that the registration process has changed. The previous 13 steps have now been reduced to five easy steps. People from Disney have reported an increase in the number of penguins registering and making use of the club’s resources.

The five steps involved in the registration process include.

Filling out your information, that is your email, username and your password. After clicking the activation link that was sent to your email, choose the type of chat you prefer to use and then press play. Pressing play ensures that you do not need to login or even select a server. When one is in the site, you get to a point where there is a tutorial about the functions of club penguin. The last step is where you get to a point where you click on a map and this shows you all you need to know and how to navigate.

This simple registration process is bound to bring in more people and to reach out to those who had once tried and stopped in the middle.

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