Hello Club Penguins! There has been word going round that there was going to be a membership fee increase. This is just to confirm that what you have heard is the truth, and that club penguin will increase its membership fees by varying percentages. Those who will begin pursuing annual membership will now be required to pay an extra five dollars, which is a nine percent increase. The annual membership fee will now be $59. The six-month membership and monthly memberships will both be adjusted upwards by thirty three percent to become $39 and $7, respectively.

More information from Disney online revealed that the price adjustments would only affect Club Penguin members living in Canada and in the United States. In addition, the price changes would come to effect starting 13th July and would only affect new subscribers. Therefore, if you are already a club penguin member, you will not have to pay the new rates unless you don’t keep up you current monthly subscription.

Club penguin members in other regions do not have to worry about the new membership fees for now. Disney has informed us that the price increase for the other regions will not begin until later in the year, so keep your ears on the ground to get information on the dates. The increase in prices for the other regions might be the same as those ones in Canada and the United states or slightly different.

For aspiring club penguin members, the time for registering is now, before the prices go up.

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