Penguins! Gather round. Have you logged in to Club Penguin recently. If not, you had better hurry as Herbert is on the loose again. Make sure that you hurry up to log on to Club Penguinto check your spyphones for his new message. We need to keep track of what he is up to this time. Do you remember when Dot spoke out just yesterday about how the coast was clear and that it was safe to come out. It appears that we still need to be very careful. Herbert has not gone for good, and he has just sent us a message to remind us. He will never stop until he has managed to defeat us all.

Well at least we managed to destroy the Hydra-bot. Herbert will now have to start all over again if he is planning on attacking the EPF again anytime soon.

Did you hear him say that “penguins” had built the bot? How can that be? The only way that penguins built that bot is if someone has been recruited to work for him. We need to be extra careful from now one. We don’t know who is watching.

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