Hello Club Penguin Agents! As we all know for quite some time now, Herbert’s capture has commenced successfully and he is still in hibernation at the moment. However, some agents are still a little edgy about Herbert’s state and he might wake up any moment. We have been taking rounds in guarding his hideout while he hibernates to keep an eye for any suspicious movement or if Herbert shows signs of waking up. It might be a little tiring to climb up the toughest mountain just to check on him

To fix this issue, EPF HQ has installed the Herbert Camera. This will enable us to monitor his movements without having to climb up the Toughest Mountain! You can see Herbert in his hideout through the EPF Headquarters’ monitor. With this new development, we can be sure that he will not escape without us knowing. If he does escape, I’m sure we will be able to get him again!

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