Hey, calling all non-members of Club Penguin! Have you seen the latest news? All non-members can currently enter the Casa Fiesta in Club Penguin. Fantastic, let’s have some fun! We might as well make it last as we really aren’t sure if this is just a glitch yet or if it is supposed to be like that.
For those that where here last year, you might remember that the Casa Fiesta was a members only event last year during the Music Jam 2010! This year it is a free for all event.
Check out the picture attached. We have been sent this information by a member which clearly shows the payer card as being a non-member. So need I say more? If you are going to check out Casa Fiesta and you are not a member, Now might be a good time to do so. If this is infact a glitch then you can be sure that Club Penguin will have this sorted in no time at all.

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