Here are the latest cheats for Club Penguin EPF Field Ops Mission 37. In this mission, your reflexes will be tested but this mission is otherwise a fairly easy one to accomplish.This is brought to you by Club Penguin Tips and cheat codes.  Simply follow the guide below:

1. First, open your phone and go to the EPF Command Room then click the field-ops screen

2. Next, Professor G will give you the mission details but won't really give you detailed instructions of where to look.

3. To find the correct location, click on the map and find the mines.

4. Move your penguin to the snow bear beside the mine shaft. After that, your phone will ring. Open your phone and you will be given the mission.

5. Here, the dial will move around the apparatus. Click the radar whenever it points to the number shown on the small box below.

6. Overtime, the numbers on the radar will vanish. To guide you through it, I'll show you all the numbers in the dial in the image above.

7. When you finish you will get another medal, congratulations on finishing the mission!

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