News Flash from Club Penguin Tips for fellow Penguins! The Club Penguin membership Page has been recently updated. The new membership page reveals sneak peeks for upcoming events this month! Also, by becoming a member of Club Penguin, you can help save the environment!

This month, there will be another party! Club Penguin will celebrate Earth Day Party 2011 which may start before or after Earth Day. There will be new games to play and stamps to collect during the party. There will also be new costumes from the giftshop we can wear for the Earth Day Party.

For the EPF Agents, we must be vigilant for the party as we received secret information that Herbert and the Ultimate Protobot plans on attacking the event! We must work hard to keep the party safe and fun for everyone.

The new update page also tells us of a new quest for the Medieval Party 2011 this coming May to start our summer with a blast! Have fun this month Penguins!

Stay tuned only here at Club Penguin Tips for the latest updates about the Medieval Party 2011!

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