Greetings Penguins! The Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 is finally over, this year’s Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 is up next, and we can’t wait for it.It’s a good job that we don’t need to worry about that Herbert anymore, so let’s have some fun. We have been received reports from out member about whom they think might be visiting Club Penguin later on this year.

Of all the trackers in Club Penguin, we think that our DJ Cadence Tracker is ready to attend the Music Jam 2011 Penguin this year. If you were around last year you will remember that DJ Cadence (aka DJ K-Dance, Cadence, Candace) was having fun on the Night Club rooftop.

We want this to be fun so we have our Penguin Band Tracker on alert, just in case any of the Penguin Band members show up!

Don’t forget to watch our real Club Penguin trackers on our website. We have the most accurate and fastest trackers on the web and we are well known for it.When we find any Mascots, we also make instant changes of their locations. Did you meet the Rockhopper tracker recently? Most of our members who followed out site had met him many, many times when he last visited!

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