A new Medieval pin is available in the Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011. The Brazier Pin is there for you to collect. But you need to find it first! To collect your Medieval pin you need to go to the boiler room. Start by going into the knightclub.

Scroll your mouse over the right hand speaker. This will open and you should see a ladder.

Click on the ladder to go to the Boiler room. You will see that it has been decorated with a nice Medieval theme for the Club Penguin May 2011 Medieval Party.

Now place your mouse over the hanging ladle. This holds molten metal. When you hover your mouse over it, the ladle will pour the molten metal into a mould.

The mould will then fill with the molten metal to form your pin.  Now click on the pin to pick it up. Now click on the pin to collect it.

And there you have it. Your new Medieval Pin.

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